Snip, snip

It was a beautiful day Saturday, sunny and 6ºC. Almost all the piles of snow are gone (we had another small-ish dump of the stuff earlier in the week). I went for an invigorating walk around the neighbourhood, noticing that many spring plants are starting to come up.

I went past my own little yard, and realized that some of my plants needed trimming after being bruised and battered by all the snow. Particularly the little dracaena that lives in a blue pot on my back patio. I usually put a few red flowering bedding plants around it, and I quite like the way it looks, with the contrasting blue, red, and dark green. I’m not an artist, but I do know when a colour combination is esthetically pleasing to my eye.


And apparently I’m not much of a gardener, either.

Too much trimming, do you think?


6 responses to “Snip, snip

  1. VioletSky – I sure hope you’re right about the dracaena. I’d hate to think that my crappy trimming skills killed the poor thing!

    XUP – Let’s just hope that the rain doesn’t drown the flowers before I get to enjoy them a bit!

  2. That pot IS a gorgeous blue. And I don’t mind that you have flowers already because I know you’ll be deluged by rain for the rest of the year and we won’t. It all evens out.

  3. Yeah, that snow/rain mix is not pleasant. But I see TWN says it is still 7C – so it didn’t freeze like all the melted snow did here.

    So yes, a little less. It was the sprouting flowers that got to me. Jazz just HATES winter (so I’ve heard)

    Do I see a bit of green on that dracaena? There may be hope for it.

  4. Well, I guess I should qualify that by specifying that in MY particular area, there is no snow, but there are many areas around metro Vancouver that still have lots. In fact, there was snow mixed in with the rain all day.

    There – does that help, ladies? Do you hate me less?

  5. Ah damn, I was all set to write a post about how exciting it was today that it got up to 6C, etc etc but then you trump me by having spring flowers and no snow. Yep, might just have to hate you, too. (Nothing personal)

  6. You have no more snow??? Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh. You’re me on the west coast WITH! NO! SNOW!

    I might just have to hate you.