images3A friend asked me recently what was the best trip I have ever taken. Not that I have travelled everywhere there is to travel, but I had a hard time answering her. (In fact, I don’t think I actually did.)

The thing is that each trip I have gone on has been wonderful in its own way. Some have been exceptional, but all have been worth every penny spent. I don’t think I have been anywhere that I would never want to go again.

My parents were great believers in the value of travel. We went camping all around BC when I was a kid, and there were frequent visits to Alberta to see all the relatives. As I got older and there was more money, we travelled a bit further afield: California (Disneyland!), Hawaii, across Canada to Québec and back through the northern US states . In high school, there were teacher-chaperoned trips offered each year, so I went to Russia one year and to Paris another. I absolutely adored Europe. I was hooked.

images-2I did a French course in France as a university student, fell even more in love with Europe and specifically with France, then came back to Canada pretty much bilingual. A couple of years after graduation and into my teaching career in French Immersion, back I went around Europe, hitting the hot spots of France, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg (not necessarily in that order). I repeated much of that trip several years later with my new husband.

Travel was put on hold for a while, due to buying a house and having a baby. But when the marriage dissolved, travel returned to my life, this time with Darling Daughter as my travel companion.

Our first mother-daughter voyage was to France, and that worked out so well that we have made it a point to go somewhere together every summer. We have travelled together to Toronto and Ottawa, New York and Washington DC, England and Scotland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. One summer I bought my townhouse and with all the additional expenses involved, I couldn’t quite manage a trip for the two of us, but I did send DD on a school trip to Spain without me. And last summer, I had just purchased my BMW, so I again felt I couldn’t quite afford a trip for two, and besides, DD was taking university classes all summer. I was able to swing a four-day weekend to Las Vegas with Porsche Guy, however, much to DD’s chagrin. (I told her that it didn’t count because I didn’t enjoy it.)

Now she and I are in negotiations for our next trip. I always worry about the money aspect, but I do make a comfortable salary and my house is paid for (even if the car isn’t!), so as long as I’m careful and budget within my means, we’ll be able to do it. We’re thinking about going to Greece, since DD has taken a few courses on the art and architecture of ancient Greece and is totally enamoured of the place. And of course, how can you go to Greece without going to Istanbul, Turkey to see the Hagia Sophia, especially if you love ancient Greek art and architecture? So here’s hoping that we do pull it off and get there!

images-12So, which has been my favourite trip thus far? I still can’t choose – but I do know that you never regret the trips you take, only the ones you don’t take, so I’m gonna keep travelling!


6 responses to “Tripping

  1. Linda: Yes, Thailand! Every single person I know who has been there has absolutely adored it and would go back in a heartbeat.

    Ricardipus: I’ve read some of Michael Palin’s books too – I’ll have to check out that latest one. I just love his style! Greece has so many wonderful-sounding places to visit, but if DD has her way, we will avoid all beaches and hedonistic tourists and zero in on the ancient historical sites only. Some compromise may required here …

    VioletSky: And those Aussies do travel a whole lot, it seems, so if there’s a will, there’s a way – even if it’s far away!

  2. …and then there are the Aussies, who travel for weeks at a time. Not much choice, have they, if they want to get away!

  3. My traveling is woeful as compared with yours, although I can truly claim to have turned down trips to Japan, Rome, and London/Copenhagen/Milan in the last couple of years (work related; family schedule absolutely would not permit these).

    I’ve traveled a lot in the UK and am very fond of Wales… camped all over Canada as a youngster, too. Otherwise, I travel vicariously by reading all of Michael Palin’s travel books. Currently on the “New Europe” one – Slovenia sounds rather nice, and is also fairly close to Greece.

    You could try the Cyclades too while you’re there… supposed to be verrrrrrrry nice…

  4. I think my favorite trip was to Thailand. I just found it so different from anyplace I have ever been before. I wouldn’t go back to Malaysia though. Although the country was beautiful, their religion doesn’t allow religious architecture and the only thing of interest, to me, was the Chinese and Indian cultures there.

  5. It’s just that it’s harder to travel when you live in North America, I think, because everything is so far away. In Europe, a hour on a plane and you can be in a completely different country. *Sigh* I obviously should live in Europe!

  6. That sounds wonderful! (especially Turkey)

    Vacations should be valued more in North America – Europeans and Britons know how to travel and do it often.