‘Tis the season

There have been a lot of kids absent from school this week. Sure, some went away for the Christmas holidays and haven’t yet returned. But there are still a lot of kids away sick.

Yesterday alone, two of my kids went home during the day because they were not feeling well. One was back today, but the other one is still out. Every classroom has two or three kids missing, plus a few who should be at home but are not. In a school with 25 divisions, that’s between 50 and 75 kids away per day. (Hey, I just did some Math! Woot!)

And now teachers are starting to drop. There were two away today, and a few more that sounded all stuffed up and may not make it in tomorrow.

To complicate matters, my school district has just debuted a new system for calling out substitute teachers. We were told all about it at least six weeks ago, and we were all given explicit written directions on how to register on it. Basically, you have to phone the number, press a few buttons when prompted, and record your name. That’s it. But we are only human, so many of my colleagues did not know that they had to do this, or else they knew, but could not figure out exactly how.

It is not rocket science. But it is a change, and I have to say that many teachers do not adapt as well as you would think to any sort of change. In fact, many of us get downright ornery. We also are not that good at reading and following directions, which is extremely ironic because much of our work life requires us to teach kids those very skills.

But the issue is more that we are now into that time of year when we freqently get sick, so we’d better figure out how to reserve our replacement teachers pretty quickly, because we are certainly going to need them.
Me? My nose is starting to drip and my legs feel all achy. I’m cold and I’m feeling snarky. Good thing I’m already registered on the new dispatch system. With all that snow over Christmas, I had nothing better to do anyway.


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  1. Ah! The induced post-Christmas holiday holiday