Snow vomit

Normal Wet Coast weather has returned. As I type this, it is a balmy 5 degrees Celsius and it is pouring rain out. It has been raining hard since very early this morning. The forecasters are all predicting rain until – oh, let’s say forever.


This is good because it will melt all that damn snow. Yes. Except now we are being warned about the dangers of flooding. Clear all drains and catch basins, we are being implored. Yes. Except we can’t find them under all that damn snow – oh did I say that already?

After almost 24 hours of steady rain, we now have bare and wet main streets, deep slippery slush on not-so-main streets, and lots of crunchy, icy snow covered in shallow slush on sidewalks and anywhere else from which snow wasn’t removed often enough in the past three weeks. We still have the enormous snow drifts alongside the roads. I think those may be here till summer.

It was like treading thick, deep water to walk across my school parking lot today. It’s not very nice. DD has coined the phrase “snow vomit”, because as she so eloquently put it: “Think about when you throw up, Mom. Think about the consistency of it. It’s all liquidy with chunks in it. Isn’t the snow just like that now?”

Um … agreed. But could we skip the detailed description? And could we please close the schools? I don’t care about the money any more, but I’m so tired of having to wear my boots every day.


2 responses to “Snow vomit

  1. I know. We’re big, whiny babies here. With umbrellas.

  2. Boy, am I ever glad I don’t live on the West Coast. How awful it must be to get all freaked out over a little weather – ha ha.