A brief word from DD

Darling Daughter has an associate degree in Creative Writing. She writes copious amounts. Naturally, she has had her own blog for many years, but it’s one of those where readers have to be invited in by her in order to access her writing. Apparently, I am the topic of some of her posts. She seems to find me amusing. I think I’m a very competent maternal figure. I hear her snickering as I type this.

Anyway, the following is one her latest on-line offerings. I had actually planned on weaving the incident she describes into some quirky little composition of my own, but I like what she wrote: short, punchy, funny. And she beat me to it.

In the grocery store. My mother is staring at a display of Coke bottle packages, wearing a flustered expression. The conversation she’d been attempting to have with me trails to a halt.

ME: Mom?
MY MOTHER: *hands flailing in the air* I’m seeing what I want to buy but I don’t want it to look like that!
BOTH: *dissolve into laughter*
MY MOTHER: Cans! I want it in cans, not bottles!

And then I took her home, because clearly that was enough socializing for her for one day.


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