Let them eat cake


Yes, I am an almost-Christmas baby.

When I was a kid, it really bugged me to have my birthday so close to Christmas. I used to want to change it to September (probably because that’s when my brother’s birthday is).

But now, I see the advantages. For one thing, I only have to make one wish list per year. For another, my holiday season lasts a lot longer than most people’s. For yet another, it makes me somewhat unique and my friends do tend to remember my birthday simply because it’s at a time of year people recall quite easily anyway (though I’d like to believe that none of my friends would ever forget my birthday regardless!).

So I have actually been celebrating since Saturday evening, when Porsche Guy took me out for my birthday dinner – and it was at a restaurant far swankier than Tim Horton’s, too! He also gave me my presents then, because one of them was the cable that would enable my iPod to work with the stereo controls of my car, so he thought I might like to try it out on the way to and from the restaurant. Then we went to a hockey game Monday night, and the Canucks won, so that was a bit of a gift. Tuesday was the actual day, so there were a few more gifts from DD, my mom, and my friend Meshka, who also took me out for a vanilla latté. I had several phone messages and emails from various other pals, so I feel quite loved and appreciated! Then, DD took me out for dinner at one of our local golf courses, and my mom has promised to take me out for another dinner if the snow ever melts enough for her to get out of her driveway.

But it has just occurred to me: there has been a very important omission. Birthday cake. I did not have a birthday cake. And birthday cake as a concept is just as important at fifty-one as it is at five.

Now what will I eat for breakfast tomorrow?


2 responses to “Let them eat cake

  1. Thank you, VioletSky. No chocolate cake, though – it was Christmas goodies like butter tarts and shortbread. Not exactly birthday-ish, but it was the best I could do at the time.
    And we have had so much snow in the past week that I fear there won’t be any left for the Olympics!

  2. Ah, I missed reading this post in time … many happy returns to you Pinklea!

    Chocolate cake ? while watching the snow fall, yummy!

    Now, will there be any snow falling in 2012??