mimosasDarling Daughter’s boyfriend has invented a new drinking game. You know, those games where when someone says a particular word or makes a particular gesture everybody must take a drink. This one has to do with Porsche Guy and his … um … how shall I say this delicately? … verbal quirks.

I must first establish that I really do adore PG, that he’s one of the most interesting men I’ve ever known, that even the very first time we met (way back in the 80’s), we had the most amazing conversation. As wonderful a conversationalist as he is, however, he does have a few pet topics and phrases that keep coming up again and again and again and again … and I’m sure you get the picture.

Anyway, our game is that everyone must take a drink whenever he:
1) starts sermonizing about Porsches
2) begins micro-analyzing any topic
3) uses the term “overrated”
There are more, but these are the most likely to occur in an ordinary conversation.

On the weekend, we were at a brunch with a number of people who have all known him for many years. When I announced the game and the rules, there was immense hilarity, and of course, immense denial from PG, who insisted that he didn’t do any of those things any more than anybody else. (There was also concern that we’d all be smashed in a matter of fifteen minutes, so we thought we’d better stick to coffee once our champagne and orange juice was gone.)

We were not into the game for more than ten minutes when the first incidence of over-analyzing occured. Right in the middle of PG’s sentence, somebody yelled, “Drink!” We all howled with laughter, and had a drink. He laughed just as hard as we did, and didn’t go back to his subject.

About five minutes later, PG pronounced some band “overrated”. We again burst into laughter and lifted our glasses. Not long after that, the topic turned to cars, and I just KNEW he’d bring up Porsches. Which he did. So we laughed again. And we drank again.

This went on all afternoon. PG was a great sport about it (you gotta love a man who can laugh at himself!), but the best thing was that everything truly was entirely unscripted. He really does talk like that as frequently as that! He honestly wasn’t deliberately steering the talk to those topics just to be funny, he was just being himself.

And now I live in fear of him inventing a drinking game about me.


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