Seven random things about me

Okay, Ricardipus, I think I’m up to the challenge. Here goes:

1) I am a big NHL hockey fan, particularly of my hometown team, the Vancouver Canucks. (Porsche Guy loves the Toronto Maple Leafs, yet somehow, we co-exist.)

2) I love room-temperature champagne. (Especially the morning after the night before, eh, PG?)

3) If I wasn’t a teacher, I would own a combination bookstore and stationery shop. (A bit like Chapters, I guess, only smaller. Maybe just a singular Chapter.)

4) I once broke my right foot coming down the steps INTO a nightclub where I had just arrived to attend a friend’s staggette party. (I hadn’t even had a single drink yet. Despite the pain, I partied for hours, then went to the hospital for x-rays the next day.)

5) At university, in a statistics class, I scored the highest mark on The Big Test. (But to this day, I can’t figure out the tip on a restaurant bill.)

6) I collect those incredibly detailed little porcelain cottages designed by David Winter. (But only because they don’t show a whole lot of dust.)

7) I don’t like Halloween or dressing up in a costume. (But I do hand out treats to the costumed little darlings who ring my doorbell, so I’m not a complete Scrooge… er… Great Pumpkin… um … maybe UNgreat Pumpkin???)


One response to “Seven random things about me

  1. …and we thank you.

    I think statistics may have been my worst mark in University… oh no it wasn’t, it was Introductory Molecular Biology. Naturally, I am now a card-carrying, professional molecular biologist. Go figure.