Broken redux

Now it’s my VCR that’s broken. Rewinding a hour-long program takes about half an hour instead of a couple of minutes. I can hear the motor grinding and whining and I know it’s this close to giving up the ghost altogether. I’ve had it fixed about four times already, but the poor thing is about 15 years old, so maybe it’s time to bite the bullet and just buy a new VCR.

I popped over to the electronics store, thinking that for less than 15 minutes and 200$ I’d be good to go. Ha! Apparently, the VCR I have known and loved is almost extinct. Oh, there are a few last-year’s models kicking around here and there, but as the salesperson told me, “Canada is going digital in the new year and HD programming is more and more available, so it’s more cost-effective to get a PVR.”

Of course, I looked addled at that point. “Okay,” I managed to get out, “what exactly is a PVR and how is it different from a VCR?”

He went into great detail to explain this to me, and to give him full credit, I completely understood. (As a teacher, I’m always impressed when somebody can clearly and concisely explain something to me, because I know how hard it can be to do that.) But the biggest difference between the two technologies is, I believe, the 400$ more that it would cost me to purchase the PVR instead of the VCR.

I went home empty-handed.


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