If it ain’t broke…

Well, actually it IS broke. More precisely, THEY are broke. And I haven’t had them fixed.

It started with my built-in vacuum cleaner’s power head attachment, the one that cleans and beats carpet at the same time. One day, about three years ago, it just stopped cleaning and beating. No problem, I said to myself, I’ll just use the regular head that only cleans.

But then the actual vacuum canister itself stopped working. Oh, it made all the requisite noises, but it did not suck. I was built-in vacuumless. Fortunately, I have a lovely little Miele vacuum that I’d purchased prior to moving here and inheriting the built-in machine, so I was still able to vacuum to my heart’s content. So I didn’t replace the broken built-in.

Last winter, one of the sections of the lattice fence around my back deck blew down in a wind storm. Last spring, Porsche Guy took me to the local home reno outfit and I bought a new section, which he tied onto the top of his Porsche to bring home (the visuals of that little trip are stunning, to say the least). I painted the piece of fencing, and it is still sitting in my garage, waiting to be installed. Soon it’ll be a year that my deck has been missing that piece of lattice fencing, creating a lovely abandoned and dilapidated look to my back yard.

The shower door in DD’s bathroom keeps falling off, which is somewhat hazardous. It also scratches the finish on the tub every time it falls. Again, PG took me to the home reno mega-store and I bought new shower doors last summer. This time the box fit into the hatch, more or less, so the trip home was a bit less dorky-looking. And where are those spanking new shower doors now? Still in the box in the garage.

Now my garburetor is dripping water under my kitchen sink. Did I get it fixed? No. But I did put an empty yogurt container underneath to catch the drips. Can I still use the garburetor? Sort of – if I don’t mind wiping down everywhere underneath the sink after the liquidy mess is forced at great velocity through the crack in the garburetor as the blades pulverize whatever was in there.

And I’ve just had to extend my rental contract for The Mighty Hyundai due to the continued non-appearance of my BMW135i. Although I was told my new car would be here in mid-October, I really have no idea exactly when and I’m having trouble finding out any information at the moment, as my salesperson seems to be AWOL.

Maybe his phone is broken?


3 responses to “If it ain’t broke…

  1. Ricardipus: PG once loaded up the entire interior of his Porsche with ripped-out lino and plywood to take to the dump (we were redoing my kitchen floor with laminate). The ironic thing is that his brother-in-law has a U-Haul franchise and he could have gotten a truck for the price of a tank of gas!
    VioletSky: Waiting for the Beemer isn’t very fun, especially since it’s the second time around after totalling the first one that I also waited for.

  2. Oh dear, I can so relate to this putting off of getting things finished. Can’t relate to waiting for a Beemer though.

  3. Sigh. There are multiple broken/uninstalled/just sitting around things here, too.

    I’m enjoying the visual of the lattice strapped to the Porsche. Makes me think of the Ferrari I saw at a local garden centre (yeah yeah, always with the Ferraris, I know…). I like to think they were picking up a bag of dirt or something.