Leave ’em laughing

In the hallway at school today, I noticed three kids in Grade 6, huddled on the floor around a laptop. They were obviously working on some classroom project and appeared quite involved in whatever it was. One of the girls was sitting with her knees up and had the laptop balanced precariously on them.  As she attempted to type, of course the laptop wobbled.  One of the other kids grabbed it before it fell.  The girl readjusted it so that it was wedged between her knees and her stomach. 

The lone boy in the group sighed at this point and indicated a small chair that had previously been left in the hallway.  “Why don’t you put the laptop on that chair?”

I walked over to the kids right about then, and interjected, “Because it’s a LAPtop, not a CHAIRtop, silly. Duh!”  There was a split second of silence.  I kept walking.  Behind me, I heard peels of laughter.  Sometimes I find it amazing that I can amuse the eleven-year-old mind.


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