Where’s Waldo?

After work, I needed to buy some milk for the staff room and some wine for my upcoming Unbook Club gathering.  Rather than driving all the way home and doing those errands in my own neighbourhood, I chose to go to the liquor store and supermarket in the area in which I work.  I don’t know said area too well, despite the fact that I have worked there for just over three years.  Mostly, I go to work in the morning and I go home at the end of the day.  I don’t DO anything else in that community other than teach.

I parked at the liquor store, went in, purchased my wine, then debated whether or not to walk or drive over to the supermarket two short blocks away.  It was starting to rain, so option number two won out.  But as I drove off, I realized that I hadn’t enough cash to buy much of anything else, so I stopped at a bank just around the corner.  (Poor use of fossil fuel, I know.)

I got my cash, got over the fact that I have way less money in my account than I’d thought, and decided to brave the raindrops and walk the remaining block to the supermarket.  There, I bought my milk and a few other items (Isn’t it always that way?  You go in for one measly item and leave with several bags of groceries and an empty wallet.). I headed back to The Mighty Hyundai – and couldn’t find it. 

I stood outside the liquor store, clutching my milk and two grocery bags, pondering how it is possible to forget where you parked the car five minutes ago.  Then I remembered that I’d driven around the corner to the bank, stopped in there, then walked to the supermarket.  I retraced my steps and sure enough, The Mighty Hyundai waited for me in the bank parking lot.  

Even my subconscious is trying to get rid of that car.


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