Don’t mess with me

Last night I got home about 11 p.m., had a shower, and went to bed with a book.  (Exciting information, I know, but bear with me.)  The book wasn’t high literature, more like a slightly more sophisticated Harlequin romance, but I just couldn’t put it down.  As a consequence, I was still wide awake at 1 a.m. when I heard all the noise outside.

There was a group of teenagers milling about on the street outside my bedroom window, drinking and yelling.  Not that I’m a prude or anything, but I’ve never heard the “f” word used so frequently in so many different connotations.  One of the guys and his girlfriend were having an extremely  spirited argument. Car doors were slamming, music was blaring off and on, and the occasional glass bottle was crashing to the street.

By 2 a.m., I’d had enough.  Not that I wanted to sleep, but I just wanted the noise to stop so I could concentrate on my romance novel and find out if Colette would, in fact, tell Christian that she was pregnant with his child and if Christian was, in fact, smuggling illegal aliens into the country.

So I called the cops.  I have never done this before.  I have threatened to do so, have regretted not doing so, but have never actually picked up the phone and punched those numbers in.  I didn’t think I should call 911, because it wasn’t strictly an emergency, so I had to hunt down the non-emergency number in the phone book (which I also had to hunt down.  I don’t use it very often, apparently.).

As I was describing the situation to the understanding woman who answered my call, I could hear that the noise outside was diminishing.  As she was telling me that a call regarding the situation had already been received and that a police car would be cruising by as soon as possible, I realized that the noise outside had completely stopped.  I got off the phone and peeked outside.  No one.  Nothing.  Every single one of those drunken kids had disappeared, leaving no trace of themselves.

Wow, I thought.  One phone call from me and people vanish.  Who knew I had this power?  I must remember to only use it for good.


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