Beemer dreamer

I am so missing my car!  I’ve been driving this little rental Hyundai for two weeks now, and while I am happy to have it and the mobility it affords me, I am so ready to get my own wheels back!

The car I totalled six weeks ago was a BMW 135i, one of the brand new Baby Beemers that just arrived in Canada in the spring (yeah, I know they’ve been in Europe for a couple of years already!  You Europeans have all the fun!), so I was literally the first on my block to buy one.  And then I crashed it.  Completely. And while I wait for its replacement, I am driving what I have dubbed The Mighty Hyundai.  It’s quite a step – um – down.

Hyundai is not known for its luxury vehicles, and this one is very bare bones – but oddly so.  For example, it does not have central locking (which even my previous car built in 1995 had) but it has air conditioning. It does not have electric windows, but it has a kick-ass stereo, especially the bass.  It does not have a remote button to open the hatch, but it does have one to open the gas tank.  Strange.

It also has no power.  I have to choose carefully my moments to turn or pull out into traffic, because The Mighty Hyundai cannot accelerate much.  It’s an automatic, which explains some of the lack of power, but really, shouldn’t I be able to drive up a gradual hill without having the gas pedal floored?  I suppose I’m just spoiled by the BMW, but still!

So, as I said, I am really missing my car now.  Then, earlier this evening, my BMW dealer called me to tell me that my new car started production at the beginning of the month and that it looks like it will arrive here sooner than expected, by mid-October.  And bonus:  no price increase for the 2009 model!  Yay!

Mighty Hyundai, your days are numbered.  I don’t think I’ll wash you now.


One response to “Beemer dreamer

  1. Odd car indeed …. We hired a car when in the UK this year and the most embarrassing moment came when Q had to ask someone else how to open the petrol tank/gas tank. The button was somewhere behind the seat!