She works hard for the money

Apparently I’m doing it all wrong.  This work thing, I mean.  Teaching.  I love the job, which explains why I have been doing it for 28 years now.  But I haven’t quite got it right, it seems.

It has come to my attention that the vast majority of teachers have second jobs.  Most of us tutor privately in the evenings or on the weekends throughout the school year.  Many have summer employment in places like offices or banks or restaurants (leftovers from our student days, I expect), although I think this is less common than it used to be now that we have the option of having our salary paid out over 12 months rather than the 10 months that we actually work.

I have bucked this trend entirely.  I have never had a second job.  In fact, the first time I was asked by a friend’s mother what job I did during the summer, I was quite appalled.  That’s my vacation time, I told her, and who would work during their vacation?  Well, an awful lot of teachers, that’s who.

It’s not that we’re not well-paid.  I think my salary is a pretty good one, considering I have five years of university education.  Of course, some would argue that teachers should be paid more because we have such a heavy responsibility in forming young minds for the future.  While I agree with that as a concept, I also understand that there’s only so many tax dollars to go around, and in the grand scheme of things, I feel that I get my adequate share.

So what is it that makes teachers work a second job after school or in the summer?  I truly don’t know, because I’ve never been tempted to do it.  I’ve been asked to tutor, but I’ve always declined.  I’m just not interested.  I guess even the money is not a huge lure for me – and believe me, there is good money to be made in private tutoring!  Particularly in my speciality, which is French Immersion.  As difficult as it is for school boards to find French Immersion teachers, it is even more difficult for parents to find competent French tutors, and almost all my fellow French Immersion colleagues are cashing in on this gravy train.

I suppose I just like my private time.  Maybe I’m lazy.  Or perhaps I’m such a superior manager of my money that I don’t need any extra $$$.  (Yeah, that last one!) 

But now I’m starting to wonder about the whole idea of second jobs.  Even Porsche Guy has just got himself a casual weekend job to supplement his regular weekday gig.  Was there a memo about second jobs that I missed?  Did I delete that email?  Or do I simply not have the second-job gene?  Am I defective??

Nahh – just a superior manager of money.  That must be it.


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