Hard of ‘earing

On my last few walks, I’ve noticed a problem with my iPod.  To be more precise, with my earbuds.  I’ve already complained that they don’t seem to fit in my ears very well, but this is a different problem.

There appears to be a crackling sound in them.  They are only two or three weeks old, so this is a vexing issue.  It sounds like the wires are wonky and are separating inside somewhere.  You’ve probably heard that sound too, in old earphones, and there are usually only two options:  fiddle with them until you find an arrangement that minimizes the crackling, or chuck them and get new ones.  

But my iPod earbuds are so new!  How could this happen?  How could Apple make such an inferior product? Or is it something I’ve done?  Is it because my ears are too small for them and I’ve forced them into a position that they were never meant to be in?

Actually, none of the above.  Upon further investigation during tonight’s walk, I believe I have solved the problem.  It is my dangly earrings bouncing against the wires as I walk that causes that static-like noise. So, don’t wear those earrings while on a walk. Problem solved.

The size of my ears continues to be an issue.  Not sure what to do about that yet.


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