What I did(n’t) on my summer vacation

I’m a teacher, so I’ve just gone back to work after two months off.  That’s a LONG time, unless you go away on vacation.  I normally do, except for this year when Porsche Guy and I only went to Las Vegas for three days and to the Okanagan for two days.  My usual travelling companion is Darling Daughter, who has been in school all her life (sort-of like her mother, though I do get paid for it now) and so generally has the same vacation periods as I do.  Of course, the downside is that I pay for all transportation and accommodation on trips – but at least I’m in charge.

We started doing all our travelling after the Ex and I split up in 2001.  I had moved myself and DD to a basement suite not too far from our former residence, and even if it was quite roomy, it was still a basement suite and a bit of a step down from my big, new house.  I recall sitting in the bathtub one day while DD was spending the weekend with her dad and wondering what the hell we were going to do during the coming summer.  I made the decision then and there that we would go to France for three weeks, and not worry about the cost (shades of my future relationship with PG!).  My reasoning was that while I might not be able to really afford to go for three whole weeks, our mental health absolutely demanded it.    

So we went and we had an amazing time.  DD turned out to be a wonderful travelling companion (mostly because, as I said, she let me be in charge – but she had only just turned 15 when we went, so I guess one of us had to be the adult.  Besides, I’d been to France several times already and presumably knew my way around reasonably well.  Which I did.  And do.  Unless the country has changed a great deal since 2002.) Being a French Immersion student her whole life, she spoke French almost as well as I did, so that was a bonus too.    

The next summer found me squirreling away as much money as I could and buying a townhouse, so travel wasn’t a priority at the time.  However,  DD’s school was offering teacher-chaperoned trips to various places around the world, so she chose to go to Spain to work on her Spanish (which was already pretty good since it’s so similar to French).  She came back with a suntan, lisping beautifully, then we moved and after I paid off all the bills related to that, I started saving again.

Our next trip was four and a half weeks in England and Scotland.  The summer after that, we stayed in Canada and visited Toronto and Ottawa for almost two weeks.  In 2006 it was back to Europe, to Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg for two and a half extremely hot weeks.  Last summer we hit New York and Washington DC for almost two equally extremely hot weeks.  This summer I guess we should have been on track for Europe again, but I chose to spend my money on a new car (but I won’t go into THAT story again!)  

DD is already talking about next summer’s trip.  I can’t believe she still wants to travel with me!  I guess a mom’s wallet is a pretty strong incentive for a daughter.  She’s thinking perhaps Germany, Russia, Egypt, Greece, or somewhere else I’ve forgotten already.  Expensive habit, this, but it sure beats sitting in the bathtub wondering what the hell to do.


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