How my other half lives

My significant other, Porsche Guy, and I went away for the long weekend.  It would have been nice to drive in my new car, but alas, that was not to be, so we had to take his Porsche.  Oh darn.

We stayed in this very nice, Las Vegas-junior type resort hotel right on the lake.  We spent two lovely days touring wineries, eating great food, going on a terrific walk on the boardwalk, laughing, talking.  We slept in a two bedroom condo unit all alone the first night, then friends of PG’s brother-in-law (who organized the whole weekend) were there the second night.  PG’s sister, brother-in-law and their two kids were in another unit with a loft, and they were there the entire week.  The brother-in-law apparently got these two condos on Craigslist, and knowing him, I’m sure it was a super deal.  This man is a businessman through and through, and always gets these amazing deals. 

Now we owe him two nights rental, and we I haven’t got a clue how much we actually owe.  I heard rumours about 200$ a night, but PG said (and I quote), “I’ll talk to the brother-in-law.  I’ll take care of it.”  What you have to understand about PG is that there is normal, regular time and then there is PG time.  His is different.  His clock does not work the same as everyone else’s.  His priorities are not what might be considered ordinary.  This particularly applies to dealings with money.  This man regularly does not pay his bills on time, simply because he believes that whatever company has issued him the bill routinely charges too much anyway and they’ll just have to wait, dammit.  His attitude is a cavalier “It’s only money, I’ll make some more.”   

This would explain why PG drives a Porsche and I drive a rented Hyundai.


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