A really big cleanup?

PG and I just spent a few days visiting my brother and sister-in-law. As usual, there was much conversation, much laughter, much food, and MUCH alcohol. That is the way of our people, you see.

Another way of our people is that every time I make the four- hour journey to my brother’s, my mom gives me 100$ so we can all go out to dinner. Now, obviously 100$ won’t go very far to provide four people with dinner and drinks, so this time we decided to go out for a lovely brunch on Sunday morning.

So again, we conversed, we laughed, we ate, and we drank. Coffee. We drank coffee. (It was the morning after the night before – definitely coffee. Except PG. He had water. Party pooper!)

Coffee seems to go right through me, so during the course of our meal, I had to go to the toilet twice. Well, actually, I only HAD to go once. The second time was just to take this photo.


I have never seen a restaurant bathroom with a shower in it before. My imagination is running wild …

Math, shmath

I am SO stupid. Really, really stupid.

Don’t argue with me. The proof is there, over in the sidebar to the right of this page. The section entitled “Blogging since August 2008″.

Think about this for a moment – which would, apparently, be twice as long as I thought about it.

“Blogging since August 2008″

And what year is it now?

Right. 2014.

Do the math.

This blog is SIX years old. Not five. SIX.

Pretty scary when you think that I’m an elementary school teacher …


Happy belated

In all the excitement of DD’s recent move, I completely missed my blogiversary!

It was yesterday, and my blog is now five whole years old.


I may be posting a little less these days than I used to, but I’m still here, and if you are too, thanks for reading and occasionally commenting!